A Worthwhile Decision πŸ₯Š

All things worthwhile come with struggle and challenge. Stay focused, be determined and just keep doing something every single day that elevates you; mind, body and spirit. Come train with me, let’s do it together, let me help you with all your goals. Message me here, FB, IG, Twitter or LinkedIn and let’s get started! … Continue reading A Worthwhile Decision πŸ₯Š

Age is just a number – Examine your conceptions.

I've turned 49 today and although that is one year shy of half a century, I do not feel what "49" used to mean. As a tween in the 80's, both sets of my grandparents were approximately 59. When people turned 50 in that era their birthdays unequivicably came with some comments and complaining of … Continue reading Age is just a number – Examine your conceptions.

My Veganism Journey

Please watch this clear and informative video narrated by Sir Paul McCartney called "If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls, Everyone Would Be Vegetarian" on the inhumane practices around the world to factory farmed animals. He also touches on health and climate factors. I adapted this from my fiance's post but I have used my own personal … Continue reading My Veganism Journey