HV Ultimate Fitness and Nutrition

HV Ultimate Fitness & Nutrition is created to Coach, Train, Inspire & Educate you to your next level of success in Fitness and Nutrition. https://hvultimatefitnessnutrition.wordpress.com

“Fitness” encompasses many areas of overall health. My focus is to evolve my “fitness” with nutrition, strength, spirit and discipline. I am passionate about sharing this focus on fitness and nutrition with you.

I have a developed passion for health with whole foods. I will personalize a nutrition plan for you that consists of quality clean foods, time saving kitchen tools and food prep techniques. I will assist you on what, when and where to find whole foods in their seasons and the markets that provide them. I will share recipes to bring energy, vibrancy and overall health. I will be there to coach you to stay on track.

I am a certified Personal Trainer and I hold a Levell III Cardio Muay Thai certification with Posener’s Pankration MMA – www.posenerspankrationmma.com. I have current certification with Red Cross CPR & AED (Adults, Children & Infants) Level C as well, I hold my current Fitness First Aid certification. I have and continue to be trained by elite athletes and champion instructors at Posener’s Pankration & MMA including Simon Posener, a pioneer of MMA in Canada.

Posener’s Pankration MMA has created a new fitness system within their Martial Arts Dojo. Ultimate Personal Training Vancouver offers a unique system of fitness training for a variety of goals incorporating the tried and true basics with the most innovative, recent and effective fitness training methods. Their background as MMA and fitness experts puts them in a unique position to provide a holistic, integrated, and balanced approach to your fitness needs and personal development goals.

I am very excited at a new development in my life. I am honoured to have joined the team of elite athletes and professionals at www.ultimatepersonaltrainingvancouver.com. The team consists of amazing coaches, trainers, athletes and people. They inspire me to consistently improve and evolve my goals and physical fitness.

I am available for Coaching & Personal Training through private sessions.

Contact 778-873-4448. hvultimatefitness_nutrition@heidivincent.com

Dream BIG, Work HARD!

HV Ultimate Fitness & Nutrition is found at the following locations: FB, Twitter, Linked In, Google + and Ultimate Personal Training Vancouver.

HV Beach


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