Good Circuit Training Class Video for Personal Training Vancouver and Program Description

I am excited to be working at Posener’s Ultimate Personal Training Vancouver. We can create a personalized program for you to help you reach your goals. We will help you with your Fitness, Weight Loss, performance improvement, toning and strengthening, metabolic improvement and confidence goals. Nutritional counselling is available.

Circuit training is a method of resistance training or weight training used to max the amount of physical work done in a very short period of time. Using this tool involves performing multiple exercises on multiple body parts with very little rest in between sets/exertions.Β It is a great tool for weight loss, overall strength increase and muscle toning.

We will be putting tools to use such as: Kettlebells, Barbells, Dumbells, Plyometric boxes, Resistance bands, Heavy bags, Thai pads, and sometimes simply our own bodyweight, to achieve this goal. Our program is for the athlete, competitor and fitness enthusiasts alike. It is for men and women looking for a fast and efficient path to fat loss, better body composition and physique toning/sculpting, improved energy and metabolism and confidence.

To read more about Posener’s Ultimate Personal Training, learn about our program and to see an example of circuit training, please click the link below and book your sessions with any of the incredible training/coaching staff.

Posener’s Ultimate Personal Training Vancouver

“Work Hard, Dream Big!”

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