Vary Up, Build Up, Challenge Up – 4 Reasons!

I have a particular genetic make-up that results in becoming bored quickly. This challenge applies to repetitive exercise programs. My solution was to create more of a hybrid style of training combining HIIT, Mixed Martial Arts (at Posener's Dojoย or any gym on a heavy bag), Weights, Movement, Isometrics, Plyometrics and more both inside and outside. … Continue reading Vary Up, Build Up, Challenge Up – 4 Reasons!

Posterior Chain Exercise-Tire Flipping!

I am always looking to vary up the workouts for my clients. Nothing beats fresh air while you challenge your power, strength and conditioning. Tire flipping is a great way to work posterior-chain muscles. These muscles include your hamstrings, back, and glutes however this exercise works more than that. Bang for your buck! This tire … Continue reading Posterior Chain Exercise-Tire Flipping!