Vary Up, Build Up, Challenge Up – 4 Reasons!

I have a particular genetic make-up that results in becoming bored quickly. This challenge applies to repetitive exercise programs. My solution was to create more of a hybrid style of training combining HIIT, Mixed Martial Arts (at Posener’s Dojoย or any gym on a heavy bag), Weights, Movement, Isometrics, Plyometrics and more both inside and outside.

Here are 4 solid reasons to Vary Up.

Plateau Breakthrough
Your body becomes super-efficient at the same exercise so it will burn less calories in adaption. Vary Up and your body will have to work harder to adjust to the new exercise; hence more calories will be burned.

New Muscles Built
Varying Up exercise programs Build Up your physical body, heart (Endurance), muscles/tendons/ligaments (Strength & Agility) which leads to my next point; that it doesnโ€™t stop there!

Enhance Mind & Spirit
When you Vary Up your exercise you beat boredom, you are keeping the workouts from getting tired and stale and you get excited about being healthy. This is so true for ME! A constant change of exercise allows for rejuvenation in your mind & spirit, it allows you to get better results having more fun doing it.

Prevent Injuries
Repetitive strain injury happens with the body doing the same motions over and over. Varying Up can give overused muscles, ligaments and joints a break and a chance for recovery.

Love Heidi



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