“Look for The Smile” in Life

Everyday I am reminded of how my life is Truly blessed! Sometimes you get something special to trigger gratitude more than once in a day. I have made it a ritual to be grateful for everything in my life every day for the last 20 years, even in times of extreme challenge. I show gratitude … Continue reading “Look for The Smile” in Life

Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing Class Today!

I had a great time teaching a fantastic group of skilled students in the regular 11 am Saturday class of Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing! "Thank youΒ Heidi VincentΒ for teaching the Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing class. The energy in the room was awesome, your lesson was well prepared and well received, based on the hearty applause at … Continue reading Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing Class Today!