Choose Metal Safety Razors Over Plastic!

A while ago I was looking for an item in my bathroom and came across a metal safety razor my Grampa had circa the 60’s.

I started to research and here is what I have found, enough to make me change my pattern immediately.

  • Plastic “disposable” razors are NOT recyclable (each razor is used an estimated 6-9 times, every 2-3 weeks they are in our landfills;
  • Environmental Protection Agency estimates over 2 BILLION plastic razors end up in a landfill each YEAR (one million pounds of plastic waste);
  • The environmental costs of manufacturing, plastic packaging, and shipping need to be considered as well;
  • Consider also the shaving cream cans and plastic bottles we also purchase and their environmental costs that add to the problem;
  • My former economical cost of Venus disposable razors at $15/3 pack was approximately $390 per year plus the 78 razors and their associated packaging to a landfill;
  • If I started shaving at 15 and live to 90 that is 75 years, $29,250 out of my pension (at the $15 – no inflation) and my contribution to our landfill of 5,850 disposable razors;
  • In 2017 Vancouver’s population was 675,218. Imagine each of those persons shave. 3,950,025,300 disposable razors ended up in our landfills IN ONE YEAR.

I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and bought the Wilkinson Sword blades $15. I did not have to buy the razor however it more than pays for itself at approximately $30 within 6 months. The Wilkinson blades are made of stainless steel and recycled at numerous local Greater Vancouver metal recycle companies. I brought them home and did my first shave with the metal razor.

There is zero difference in the single blade metal razor shave appeal on any part of my body, my skin is just as smooth and soft as with any disposable razor πŸ™‚

Just something to consider,
Love Heidi


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