Put in the Work, Get the Reward

I love my Cardio Muay Thai/Kickboxing classes at Posener's Pankration MMA! Do you know why? I burn 864 plus calories per session and feel like a million dollars when I walk out that door. I train with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th degree Blackbelts, former title Champions, Fighters, Competitors and several of the top … Continue reading Put in the Work, Get the Reward

Day 2 of Weekly β€œLuncher-cise”

Same run as yesterday! I took a different route and ended up at 3.04 km approximately. Today was doubled up long bands (yellow and orange). It's about 60 pounds. I threw a short yellow band around both legs above the knee to make it a little bit harder with some abduction work. 1. Sumo squat … Continue reading Day 2 of Weekly β€œLuncher-cise”

A lot of health can happen in 30 Minutes!

As a Personal Training Coach, I get a lot of questions on how much time should be spent working out to get a positive result. Here's my short answer on balancing health, family and work. I can choose to work 5 days a week with 1 hour lunch times, this would allow for a more … Continue reading A lot of health can happen in 30 Minutes!