Yellow Belt Achievement

Our family has a blessed and active lifestyle, I am a personal trainer, my fiance is the owner and chief instructor at Posener’s Pankration MMA and Adam Posener has been a great example as a Jr. Black Belt in the style. My daughter Truly has gone from 1 class a week to 3 classes a week. And, after some time there has been some significant achievement.

Pankration is a combination of Striking, Grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. The Yellow Belt represents gold or high value, it’s the first belt. It is a starting point for great success, discipline and skills. The first 3 months is when the highest drop out rate happens. It’s hard to get a ball rolling, the inertia of the beginning of something can be difficult.

I want to congratulate Truly on her achievement of Yellow belt, it’s a good success for her based on overcoming her own obstacles. She has put in a substantial amount of time and energy into this.  I look forward to her future developments as time moves on and Pankration/MMA becomes more natural.

Also, congratulations to the Posener’s Pankration MMA kids class for their achievements as well.




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