CoVid Cabin Fever?

During these crazy times in the world, while we are supporting and loving each other with social distancing and doing our part to be sanitized, our tethers may be short. The best remedy for me is getting outside and getting some exercise in nature. I am now choosing a particular area that I can be … Continue reading CoVid Cabin Fever?

Stay Active – Social Distance

One of the reasons I keep fit is so I can do this with our two beasts ❣️ Outside at the track, still keeping the social distance. 🦠100M Sprints. posenerspankrationmma hvultimatefitnessnutrition stayingfit keepingactive VancouverBC BritishColumbia Canada Coquitlam SimonPosener dontgiveup neverquit 100meterdash socialdistance activekids

Find the positive and Reset β˜€οΈ

Many of the gyms and recreation centres in BC have been mandated to close due to 🦠🦠🦠 CoVid19. As well, BC has mandated there shall be no public gathering more than 50 people. So, I packed my truck up with all my fitness equipment and went to a baseball field up the hill. I set … Continue reading Find the positive and Reset β˜€οΈ

Dinner is served-Pinto Broccoli

I am always challenging myself to track my workouts so I can improve and increase my skill & EPOC/VO2 Max over time. I've now found myself doing the same with my food intake. I use various apps to track the former (FitBit, Strava & RunKeeper) and quite a bit of research on the nutritional information … Continue reading Dinner is served-Pinto Broccoli