Dinner is served-Pinto Broccoli

I am always challenging myself to track my workouts so I can improve and increase my skill & EPOC/VO2 Max over time. I’ve now found myself doing the same with my food intake. I use various apps to track the former (FitBit, Strava & RunKeeper) and quite a bit of research on the nutritional information to feed my body.

I change my workouts up each week and include HIIT Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Training & Muay Thai Strength & Conditioning (Posener’s Pankration MMA).

I have not perfected this yet and it sounds like a lot of work but it keeps me on top of what I’m feeding my body and what I’m doing with my activity. So, for my overall goal, it’s what works for me.

Today’s awesome and tasty meal – Pinto Broccoli. SUPER SIMPLE yet so magnificent on numerous levels.

Based on 1 Cup Broccoli & 1 Cup Pinto Beans ( I had 4 Cups of Broccoli and 1/2 Cup Pinto Beans)

35 cal, 2.57g protein, 6.04g carbs, 2.04g fibre, magnesium 4.75%, phosphorous 6%, potassium 8.23, vitamin A 11.34%, folate 14.25%, vitamin C 135.33%
Pinto Beans 245 cal, 15g protein, 45g carbs, 15g fiber, fat 1%, sodium 407%, thiamine 28%,iron 20%, magnesium 21%, phosphorous 20%, potassium 16%.

Love Heidi πŸ’•

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