Quarantine does not mean quit!

This is my fiance’ Simon & I working out during the CoVid quarantine. It is something we like to do and we are lucky to be able to do it together. Blessed!

If you want to see changes, you have to make the effort.

We can allow ourselves to descend into inactivity during these quarantine times or we can get creative. The mind is a powerful ally that you, at times, need to direct to accomplish things. Don’t let your mind overtake your focus or positive energy. It can result in a lack of self-actualization through weak moments of temporary gratification.

One of the several self success incredible icons I follow is Jim Rohn. He states astutely on self-actualization with this quote: β€œYou can’t hire someone to do your push-ups for you.”

Make a commitment to yourself and flip your switch. Put one foot in front of the other toward your goals. It’s call evolution, you won’t be perfect the first time, you may not be incredibly strong the first time but you will grow if you commit yourself.

When you choose discomfort over temporary gratification you evolve. You are no longer stuck! It’s up to you, the choice is yours!

!!! Save this message for when you need it and comment “πŸ’₯” if you are choosing discomfort over temporary gratification.

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