Full Body Burn Sesh!

Here is a little Full Body Workout video for you using just Dumbbells and bands!
3-5 Sets

  1. DB Shoulder Rotation X 12
  2. DB Sumo Squat X 15
  3. DB Bulgarian Split Squats X 12 (L&R)
  4. DB Side Lunges X 12 (L&R)
  5. DB Skull Crushers X 20
  6. Banded Donkey Kick X 20 (L&R)
  7. DB Single Arm Chest Press X 12 (L&R)
  8. DB Bent Over Row w/Tricep Kickback
  9. DB Bicep Curl to Overhead Press to Tricep Extension
  10. Plank Alternate Shoulder Tap to Reach Outs
  11. And a little Sunday FUN! (amrap)

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