About Heidi Vincent

Committed to Gratitude Dedicated to Helping Focused on Excellence Willing to Work Harder member of Posenerโ€™s Pankration MMA trainer team @simonposener
โ€œFitnessโ€ encompasses many areas of overall health. I am passionate about health, my focus is to assist your evolution in personal fitness in the fields of Spirit, Discipline, Nutrition & Strength.
I have a developed passion for whole foods and a vegan lifestyle. I can assist you with nutrition plans consisting of quality clean foods, time saving kitchen tools and food prep techniques. I will can help you with what, when and where to find whole foods in their seasons and the markets that provide them. I will share recipes that bring energy, vibrancy and overall health. I will be there to coach you to stay on track.
I am a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer and hold a Level VI Muay Thai Skills & Conditioning certification with Posenerโ€™s Pankration MMA. Iโ€™m trained by owner & chief instructor Simon Posener along with the highly skilled, and former black belts and champion instructors. http://www.posenerspankrationmma.com. This puts me in a unique position to provide a holistic, integrated, and balanced approach to your fitness needs and personal development goals.
I am current in my Occupational First Aid Level A CPR & AED certification with St. John Ambulance.
I am available for Personal Training privately as well as through Posenerโ€™s Pankration MMA.

I am available for Coaching privately and through Posenerโ€™s Pankration MMA.



Cell: 778-873-4448
Dream BIG, Work HARD!


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