Rain? No Problem!

Don't let the weather choose your health level. You are in charge! These times are challenging but you, and only you, can make the decision to do something! You can do so much outside! Each and every single workout, every effort, will bring you that much closer to your goals! Find it in you! Check … Continue reading Rain? No Problem!

Cycling for Health and Challenge

Cycling is a low impact form of exercise that has a plethora of benefits ranging from preventing some cancers, depression, arthritis, heart attack, stroke and obesity to name a few. Simon, my fiancΓ©, does this ride quite often to our family dojo and back. The ride is nearly 30 km round-trip and has some difficult … Continue reading Cycling for Health and Challenge

Health Continuum – Vegan Banana Walnut Dressing

Being vegan brings many health benefits, as well, it is so easy to create nutritious, tasty and beautiful meals. The dressing is made by Simon and includes walnuts, balsamic vinegar, water, dried blueberries and bananas. Kale and lettuce varieties are from our garden as well as the strawberries. Bon Appetit’

Muay Thai Skills & Conditioning – Level VII Certification

After 7 years of Muay Thai Skills & Conditioning as well as other health and wellness lifestyle choices since creating HVUltimateFitnessNutrition.com, I received my Level VII certification this past Tuesday. I look forward to many more satisfyingly demanding class instructions and the team and students who make the dojo so tremendous. Thank you Simon Posener … Continue reading Muay Thai Skills & Conditioning – Level VII Certification

Muay Thai Skills & Conditioning – Body Mechanics & The 3 Rules

Working on fine tuning my body mechanics & applying the 3 rules in this combo! My technique has to come first, then I'll adjust speed and power. https://videopress.com/v/G41w25ni?preloadContent=metadata Contact me and Book a Free Consultation HERE.Check out my FITNESS CART to choose from my new online workout series! I am so excited, monthly pay options … Continue reading Muay Thai Skills & Conditioning – Body Mechanics & The 3 Rules