I have been training with Heidi Vincent for several months, averaging 2-4 sessions per month. I had originally planned to do a mere 6 weeks or so, but found her style to be very addictive… No two sessions have ever been alike.

She is a wealth of fitness knowledge and versatility, she has a toughness about her that challenges the lazy spirit in me to be more warrior. She is constantly working on new ways to increase motivation, from introducing martial arts techniques and lifting gigantic tires, to using public playground equipment and training in the fresh air. Although our sessions are sparser than usually recommended for someone who is trying to get into shape, apparently an hour here and there, training with Heidi, has proven more efficient than constantly training alone.

To my surprise, my favourite stage dress is finally fitting again, though I did not even realize that I had toned up that much as it was “gradual.” Even with my slow but steady commitment to Heidi Vincent’s training program, I have managed tangible results in such a short time.

Dorothy Godlinkski